Monday, November 8, 2010

Time to grow a set

Look anywhere on the net today and there is fury amongst Celtic supporters. The last few days have been embarrasing for Celtic off the park and fantastic on the park, why do we do this? We excel in taking the gloss off anything we do. I want to talk about the fact that this poppy banner nonsense is such a huge issue. The fact is we have a set of fans in Scotland who scream about the pope and wading in fenian blood every week, nothing is said. They tell us to go home because "The famine" is over, nothing is said. They run riot all over Europe, nothing is said. As I've said before, you can argue the merits of the poppy all day, no problem, that's not the issue here. The issue is that Celtic are gearing up to shut down the Green Brigade section and ban all who are in it. No matter that 3 weeks ago 7000 people were allowed to scream hate for 90 minutes in our ground, a few young guys aren't happy with the poppy on the shirt so lets destroy them. What have we become? is this what you were all raised on? Celtic is an club steeped and Irish, Scottish and Catholic traditions, that's a fact. These traditions have never been used to oppress or discriminate against anyone so they should be celebrated, not hidden away, as our so-called leaders cower in their Ivory towers. It's time Celtic grabbed hold again of who we are and stopped dancing to the medias tune. As for banning our own supporters? Not in my name.

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