Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sky is blue, The Grass is green

Yes and the SFA hate Celtic. Part of the reason this nonsense has gone on without anyone's head yet is the denial of people to open themselves up to reality. Now, they, Hugh Dallas and Darryl Broadfoot, have been caught red-handed(pun intended) sending "jokes" referring to The Pope and child abuse. As we get over the mock surprise from some, let's analyse it. Everyone has at least one email friend who forwards on these emails with witty pictures and jokes. They used to be rife but have died in recent years due to spamming. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the odd wee naked chick now and again, putting XXX in the subject acts like a magnet to your finger from the button. We've all passed on the ones goading huns after defeats or when some celebrity is getting it tight for something or another. What I've never done is send one that slags Celtic. That's the thing outside of my family that's dearest to me and that's why I'd never slag them to others outside the Celtic Universe. Similarly if I get one goading the huns, I'll send it on to all the Tims and hun-haters in my contact list. Which brings us to Dallas and Broadfoot. Broadfoot sent the original email and Dallas forwarded it on. Ergo they looked for the like-minded individuals in their contact list, One is Head of Communications at the SFA and one is is charge of Referees. People at the top level of the SFA don't like Catholics. Do I need to draw you a diagram? Or will I forward on a picture explaining?

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