Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SFA Statement makes mockery of Catholics everywhere

SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, has today issued the following statement concerning weekend reports about an email sent by referee chief Hugh Dallas:
“I can confirm I have looked into the circulation of the email reported in the media at the weekend. Let me state categorically that I do not condone the transmission of any email content that might cause offence to anyone.
“I have spoken with staff and the matter will now be dealt with internally, in line with the Scottish FA’s Information Systems Acceptable Use Policy.”
Translated it means "It was only mocking The Pope, nothing serious" You don't need me to point out that if Dallas had mocked any other religion, or any race for that matter, he'd have had his P45 on Monday morning. This is what we're up against, what we have always been up against and what we now must stand up against.

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