Monday, November 1, 2010

Over to you Peter

This all feels a bit like Blackadder Goes Forth to me. Every Tim I know is sitting waiting in the trenches on a full blown attack on the SFA by Celtic. As the days go on and with Neil Lennon's fudging of the issue at a Press Conference today, you have to wonder if anyone, anyone at all, at Celtic has the balls to speak out. Since I first went online 12 years ago this issue, by some distance, has united Celtic supporters all over more than any other and that wrath will go from the SFA towards the Celtic Board in the blink of an eye if we don't act now. This is a PR battle that has only seen us scoire points when the cheats have shot themselves in the foot. So I say now, again, Lawwell, Reid, Desmond and Riley(haha), grow a set of fucking balls and get out there and stand up for the people you claim to represent or the next analogy will be another WW1 one, Lions led by Donkeys.

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