Friday, November 26, 2010

How many more before they stop calling us paranoid?

George Graham
Jim Farry
Gordon Smith
Hugh Dallas
Who's next?

The SFA is in tatters tonight as Hugh Dallas has jumped before he was pushed as the latest in a long line of Anti-Celtic bigots bites the dust from the SFA.  Celtic fans have always been accused of being paranoid, despite the fact that the man at the top of our list tried to shut us down. In 1952 Celtic came within one vote of being expelled from the SFA because it refused to haul down the Irish flag from above the Jungle, flying there as a tribute to most of the club's founders.

The campaign - and it was a campaign - was led by the long-time secretary of the SFA George Graham, later knighted 'for his services to football'. Desmond White once said: 'He'll roast in Hell for what he tried to do to Celtic.' Objective football men and with no connection to Celtic have also described him as 'a bigot', and it was clear that he was orchestrating the attacks on Celtic with acquiescent members of the SFA following his lead. And throughout those years of anti-Celtic actions never once did the SFA make any comment on the fact that another of its member clubs was actively pursuing a shameful policy of religious discrimination by not considering Catholics for any position within it.*

Jim Farry of course, after being cleared by the SFA twice, was found by an independent inquiry to have deliberately withheld the registration of Jorge Cadete to stop him playing for Celtic. The SFA gave Farry a sweet £200,000 pay, we lost the chance to stop the huns nine in a row.

Gordon Smith, who blames Catholic schools for sectarianism, did a lot of the huns bidding in the SFA. Smith also claimed there was "An agenda against Rangers with respect to sectarianism". A brass neck like that is quite something.

Hugh Dallas, in any other country, would have been a cautionary tale after his disgraceful performance at Celtic Park in 1999. Instead we had to listen to feeble-minded baffoons tell us he was a man of integrity and dignity(pass the sick bucket) No more need for words, the man has been outed as a bigot and a cheat.

And believe me, he's not the only one, stay tuned....

*Thanks to Tom Campbell

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