Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Haters-Part 2

Rumours today that Rod Petrie is to take over from Peter Lawwell. Here is why it won't happen. Rod Petrie does not like Celtic. In fact, Rod Petrie absolutely despises Celtic. He "raised a glass" that horrible day at Easter Road in May 2009 when we tossed the league away. I can hear you say "Yeah, so what? Plenty did?"

It's a lot more sinister than that. Sources have confirmed to us that Rod Petrie did everything in his power to get the away end of Celtic Park shut down on account of some of the seats being restricted view. Celtic supporters as long in the tooth as me will know this is not the first time a Hibs chief has had delusions of shutting Celtic Park but given Petrie's prominent position in the game, should he really be using it to satisfy his own prejudice?

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