Monday, November 15, 2010

The Haters-Part 1

This week, we are going to take you through a few of the people who devoted a lot of time to stopping Celtic, secretly of course, in their various capacities of power within Scottish Football, past and present.

Today, George Fulston.

This man, who says his passions are line-dancing and cowboy movies, has long held a huge hatred of Celtic.  With a son who has stood for the Scottish Unionist Party(the same party Mark Dingwall held the post of Press officer for) you know what you're dealing with. A man who almost single-handedly ran Falkirk and Hamilton into the ground, sat on the SFA committee for years trying and a lot of times succeeding in hindering Celtic at every opportunity. A regular at Ibrox, his favourite haunt was the Lord Nelson pub, where a source for this blog witnessed the bold George appearing from on St Patricks Day 1996, before our 1-1 draw at Ibrox, wearing a Union flag bowler hat.

After investing in Radio station, the invite list made interesting reading when a certain Nick Griffin, shan yakked nazi leader of the BNP, was invited to take part in a discussion programme on the station.

I asked a Hamilton fan if they could sum up George Fulston in one sentence and I'll leave you with their reply:

"A fucking fat, lying, crook, ugly, self important, low life, asset stripping, Dick Turpin, bounder...... "

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